House To Investigate LISRC, Maritime

House To Investigate LISRC, Maritime

By Lincoln Barcon

The Liberian House of Representatives has been petitioned to investigate the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) and the Liberian Maritime Authority for the low number of Liberians employed on those vessels flying the Liberian Flags.

In a communication to Plenary yesterday, the Nimba County District#5 Representative, Samuel Kogar said the decision to investigate LISCR and LMA is predicated upon the concerns of the Liberian Seafarers and Port Workers Union within the Liberian Maritime Sector for consideration.

Representative Kogar stated further that it is of great concerns that the potentials of the two organizations are gradually collapsing because of the low employment of Liberians on those vessels.

The Nimba County lawmaker disclosed that it is important to note that the Liberian Registry which is managed by LISCR-LLC, a US owned and operated company that reported on its website ( that the Registry has registered more than 4,170 vessels which is 12% of the world ocean going fleet.

With high number of registered vessels, Liberia still has discouraging number of Liberian Seafarers on board of some of these vessels.

In his deliberations to Plenary, Representative Kogar stated that apart from the flow of revenues to the central budget, Liberians have benefited relatively little from the Maritime Sector because ships flying Liberian flags are expected to employ Liberian nationals.

In a frustrated tone, the lawmaker said it is unfair for thousands of Liberians who were promised jobs are still being unemployed adding that is not always the case according to the Liberian Seafarers and Port Workers Union thus resulting to the collapse of their potentials.

The Nimba lawmaker seeks concurrence to consider the instrument by that August Body in order to seek a way forward in investigating the matter within the Liberian Maritime Sector so that Liberians can be empowered.

It was reported in 2012 that the Liberian Maritime Agency through its Boss, Binyah Kesselly was going to provide 10,000 jobs to Liberians within a period of five (5) years which was not accomplished since he (Mr. Binyah Kesselly) made the statement at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing.

Representative Kogar told Plenary that investigation conducted so far shows that those employed on the over 4000 vessels are mostly Malaysians, Chinese, Ghanaians, Nigerians and other nationals from different countries who are now occupying the jobs intended for Liberians.

Some lawmakers in an almost empty session lauded the Nimba County District#5 Representative for being farsighted in recognizing the plights of the Liberian Seafarers and Port Workers Union.

Meanwhile, the document which was discussed and forwarded to the committees on Maritime and Judiciary to report within two weeks for further discussion by members of the August Body.


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