Security Harassment On The Rise At Guinea Border?…Transnational Crime Unit linked

Security Harassment On The Rise At Guinea Border?…Transnational Crime Unit linked

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

Normal activities at the main border in Ganta, Nimba County came to a standstill on Sunday, February 11, 2018, when officials of the Transnational Crime Unit, (TCU) Alex Kromah and Moses P. Jones, seized a Guinean commercial truck with plate GF 8682 loaded with goods from Guinea to Liberia for what was referred to for security reason.

“We are trained Transnational Crime Unit; we check on every moving objects, such as vehicles with goods, our operations here in Ganta most especially trucks from Guinea is a special security operation something that headquarter knows about; we will furnish the Director of Police from here and remember, we don’t speak to the media; we are security officers, we have our Spokesperson in Monrovia, a Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) Officers Moses P. Jones and Alex Kromah,” said when they were asked by journalists.

A businesswoman identified as Hawa Kamara said she purchased her goods in Guinea but upon arrival in Ganta some TCU security arrested the truck under false pretense alleging of illegal items on the truck, to extort money coupled with security harassment which is creating serious hardship on the business community most especially from the southeastern region.

She alleged that in December 2017, the same officers arrested their truck with goods upon arrival in Ganta saying that the goods contained arms and ammunitions though the information turned out to be false.

“We spent three days at the border during that time after searching the truck, no weapons or gunshots were found in the truck,” she said.

Madam Kamara pointed accusing fingers at the two TCU officers, Jones and Kromah for leaving their assignment in Monrovia to Ganta to inspect a truck from Guinea with goods. She described the action of the two officers as a complete security harassment and called on the Ministry of Justice to investigate the operation of the officers who are always in the habit of traveling to Ganta over the weekend to inspect commercial trucks from Ivory Coast and Guinea.

In separate interviews, Mr. Robert Jackson alleged that the TCU officers are always leaving from Monrovia over the weekend to Ganta to harass the business people most especially trucks from Guinea to Liberia with goods.

 “Whenever trucks arrive from Guinea some state security TCU will arrest and impound them, search and later request for money before the trucks are released,” said Old Man William Toe.

“You will pay all your taxes to the border but upon the arrival of trucks, TCU Officers from Monrovia will impound the trucks, request for US$500 from the drivers for no reason,” said Old Lady Martha Saye.

In early December 2017, TCU officer Alex Kromah ordered the LNP to park a DAF truck at the Ganta Police Station on ground that arms and ammunitions were on the truck, but after few days of search by the security, the information turned to be false thus, creating fear in Ganta.

When contacted, the Acting Customs Officer at the Ganta Border, Toemen Woyeah, said the truck came from Guinea with goods and paid their taxes but was later impounded by some security officers from Monrovia.



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