Teacher Shortage Hits Ganta

Teacher Shortage Hits Ganta

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

Nimba County District Education Officer, Alex Wuo has disclosed the shortage of trained and qualified teachers in the county.

According to Mr. Wuo, the shortage of trained and qualified teachers in the Bain-Garr School District in Ganta City, Nimba County is a serious concern. He added that the Bain- Garr School System has thirty- five public schools, sixty-five private schools, ten senior high schools, but these public elementary and some of the Junior high schools need additional classrooms.

He said for teachers to take assignment in the various towns to fill the gap of teaching is a major problem something that has led to the shortage of teachers something that is now causing problem in the educational system in the county.

The Bain- Garr Education boss said the district has more modern public schools in the county, but most of the elementary schools lack teachers to teach the kids.

He said the elementary schools need additional forty teachers to be assigned at the various public schools to replace the Parent-Teacher Association’s instructors who are not employed with the Ministry of Education.

The DEO said the increase of PTA teachers is very alarming in the various public schools due to the shortage of KRTTI or ZRTTI graduates. He said Nimba County has 12 Education School Districts but the acute shortage of teachers is on the rise in the entire school system.

DEO Wuo stated further that the Ministry of Education needs to employ the recent graduates from ZRTTI and KRTTI to help in increasing the numbers of teachers in the country.


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